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A Detailed Analysis Of Logical Local Business Systems


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Completes Acquisition of Value-Oriented Home Furnishings Retailer, FFO Home Business to Accelerate Growth and Pursue Significant Expansion Opportunities February 11, 2016 09:30 AM Eastern Standard Time BOCA RATON, Fla.–( BUSINESS WIRE )–Sun Capital Partners, Inc. (Sun Capital), a leading private investment firm specializing in leveraged buyouts and investments in market-leading companies, today announced that an affiliate has completed the acquisition of Furniture Factory Outlet, LLC (the Company or FFO Home), a market leading value-oriented home furnishings retailer, from Alpine Investors. The Company, headquartered in Fort Smith, Arkansas, operates 36 retail stores in Arkansas, Missouri, Oklahoma and Kansas. FFO Home also manufactures bedding under the Comfort Coil and Natural Elements brands. The retailer offers superior value products priced below the competition, and distinguishes itself by eschewing the showroom distribution model and allowing consumers to purchase products immediately from on-site inventory. FFO Home has established itself as an outstanding value-oriented retailer, and were excited about the opportunity to leverage our strong retail sector expertise to help the business accelerate its growth plans, said Marc Leder, Co-CEO at Sun Capital.


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